Beyond the match!

Khadijah Elite

You are a Muslim woman who shares the qualities of our mother, Khadijah (ra), first wife of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

You are:

  • Noble
  • Strong
  • Independant
  • Pious
  • Beautiful
  • Successful and Empowered.

Yet, you are lonely. And you’ve had trouble looking for a spouse on your own. Khadijah Elite is here for you, offering a safe, secure online space where you have 100% control. Your dignity will never be compromised, and your journey with us will be successful, insha Allah.

Fatimah Elite

Just for families to help their daughter or son find a spouse, Fatimah Elite ™ is a second door into the database at Khadijah Elite ™.

  • If you are a parent, you will be able to offer suggestions
  • If you are a young man or woman, you make the final decision.

Fatimah bint Muhammad (ra) inspires us all with her legacy of teaching, social work and modesty. Her strong connection to her father and her family inspires us to make sure you will be respected and your family will be with you in your journey.


  • Global IDs verified, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence to screen members
  • Liveness Detection and Facial Recognition to avoid members using fake IDs
  • Web security overseen by a former Federal Police Officer with 30 years


  • Resources from scholars, therapists and marriage coaches to help you make the best decisions
  • The 4 Phases System ™ to measure your steps through to marriage with confidence
  • Monthly videos that teach core topics and help you stay focused and blessed

Unique Approach

  • Blurring your pictures so that you decide who sees your picture and when
  • Each phase has settings that bring caution and wisdom to the matchmaking process
  • For the first time ever, the parents/guardians can be involved, but the dependent controls the process
  • Intelligent design so women can move through the Phases of our system with dignity and grace

I created you from one soul, and from the soul I created its mate, so that you may live in harmony and love". Quran 7:189