Khadijah Elite

You have found your way to this part of our site because you are:

  • A Muslim woman seeking a spouse without the help of your parents or a guardian
  • A Muslim man who is not involving the help of his parents

*Are you a parent or a young Muslim that wants to bring their family in on this big decision? Click here to head over to the Fatimah Elite area.

We’ve made the Khadijah Elite pathway for those who are ready to find their life partner on their own. But you are not alone on Khadijah Elite! You will see the site is designed to empower, support and keep your dignity at all times.

As a Khadijah Elite member, you will be in complete control of your journey. Only those matches that you choose will have access to your photos, videos and information. The start of conversations must come from the woman, and connections are confirmed by her, too.

It’s not just the power women have on here that sets Khadijah Elite ™ apart from other matrimonial sites. We offer guidance and education at every step in our 4-Phase System ™ . As you pass through stages, you build your confidence with increasing information about your matches.

Our team of relationship experts have analyzed each phase to make sure you get to know the other person by asking questions that are often overlooked. Each phase builds on the confidence of the last; and the decision to move to the next phase is in the hands of the woman.

When you become a Khadijah Elite member, you will be able to find out quite a lot about your matches all while keeping the relationship halal. No pictures or other files can be sent through our messenger system: it is designed to allow text only. In a later phase, whenever the woman feels comfortable, video chat is enabled.

Phase System TM

There are Phases you will move through, making connections and learning about your matches. On another site, it may be very confusing to recall which match is closer to being ‘the one’ at the end of your journey.

Where are you in the journey? Which match is more compatible? A quick glance at our Journey Tracker will tell you. Which phase you are in, and which phase your matches are in is displayed in an easy, colorful chart. All important data is displayed, including each of your match’s scores.

Until you’ve made your final selection of your partner for life, you may have several options. Each of the members will be asked questions from our suggestions or your own, and you will rank their answers. The rankings to these questions are stored in a handy Scorecard system. Like the Journey Tracker , it is easy to see at a glance the information you need to move forward, or not.

We are sure that the design and journey on our site will be worry-free and relaxing. We hope you will have the perfect online environment to make your best decisions.